Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sip, Snip and Sew coming to Glendale, Ohio May 20-22

What is Snip, Sip and Sew?

We are two friends who like together twice a year and create unique sewing projects. We enjoy sipping on "Aunties Grape Juice" (aka sangria) while creating. So one visit, we decided, "hey, wouldn't it be fun if we took this class on the road"? We certainly get enough inquiries about our purses, aprons, dolls, etc. So thus an idea was born. 

Our backgrounds: You have one ex professional quilter (Linda) and then a free spirited, fly by night kind of gal, (Kecia) and together, collectively, we make a good team. She's the ying, I'm the yang (or vice versa). Bottom line, it's a good fit! She's got the professional sewing background and I have that eclectic, think outside the box, kind of background. Both of us been teaching over 10 years and have both been published in books and art magazines. 

Our excitement is about bringing sewing back to life, but in a fun way. No complicated patterns that are too hard to figure out, just easy, fun and lots of PLAYING. Our adult lives lack a lot of creative play, in my humble opinion. 

We will show you all kinds of fun and creative techniques for creating your own fabric (non- commercialized!) it's loving made with your own hands and is a technique that you can produce again and again, whether you want to make flags, aprons, purses, dolls, journal covers, wall hangings or whatever!

We are in the process of finalizing the 2 weekends in May 2016 (one in Tennessee and the other in Ohio), so stay tuned to coming details. hope to see you there!

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