Tuesday, September 1, 2015

sewing circle!

As part of our creative weekend, there will be a sewing circle Saturday night (with optional sipping). You can't see it, but all these ladies are happily sipping a wee bit of Auntie's grape juice, as they talk and sew.

We will be demonstrating a couple of fun ways to sit and make those idle hands happy when those glorious moments of free time happen! (i am still talking about sewing....)

We felt this was an important thing to do, bring the circle together to rest, relax, discuss world problems and make cool, fun things for our purses!

Sip, Snip and Sew coming to Glendale, Ohio May 20-22

What is Snip, Sip and Sew?

We are two friends who like together twice a year and create unique sewing projects. We enjoy sipping on "Aunties Grape Juice" (aka sangria) while creating. So one visit, we decided, "hey, wouldn't it be fun if we took this class on the road"? We certainly get enough inquiries about our purses, aprons, dolls, etc. So thus an idea was born. 

Our backgrounds: You have one ex professional quilter (Linda) and then a free spirited, fly by night kind of gal, (Kecia) and together, collectively, we make a good team. She's the ying, I'm the yang (or vice versa). Bottom line, it's a good fit! She's got the professional sewing background and I have that eclectic, think outside the box, kind of background. Both of us been teaching over 10 years and have both been published in books and art magazines. 

Our excitement is about bringing sewing back to life, but in a fun way. No complicated patterns that are too hard to figure out, just easy, fun and lots of PLAYING. Our adult lives lack a lot of creative play, in my humble opinion. 

We will show you all kinds of fun and creative techniques for creating your own fabric (non- commercialized!) it's loving made with your own hands and is a technique that you can produce again and again, whether you want to make flags, aprons, purses, dolls, journal covers, wall hangings or whatever!

We are in the process of finalizing the 2 weekends in May 2016 (one in Tennessee and the other in Ohio), so stay tuned to coming details. hope to see you there!

who is Sip, Snip & Sew?

kecia deveney:

Kecia Deveney is a published mixed media artist, instructor and world traveler, living at the Jersey Shore. As a Mixed Media Artist, her eclectic style can be seen in fabric and textiles, jewelry design, sculpture-work and painting.

Creating is pivotal to Kecia and becomes, for her, art therapy. Her imagination comes to life and allows her temporary reprieve from her role as a full time caregiver. Scouring flea markets, long forgotten treasures inspired her to transform them into something exciting and distinctive.

Her work is about ingenuity and playfulness.

As an educator, it is important to Kecia to teach her students to look beyond being perfect, to be more involved in the ongoing process of creating and leave insecurities behind. Enhancing confidence being the ultimate achievement. Kecia’s workshops are taught through out the United States and also at international venues as well. She's  been published in books and national art magazines. view her blog at: lemoncholysblogspot.com or visit her website at: kecideveney.com


Linda Willis:

Linda comes from a quilting background but had a hard time following the many rules of traditional quilting.  However,  she loved sewing and creating her own patterns. Over time she developed  her own style with out rules.  She  worked by  instincts and  is  influenced by travels, found objects, gathering things, hand crafted items, sights , sounds, and colors.

Linda added to her own knowledge by taking classes, going to museums, art retreats and surrounding herself with other like minded individuals. By combining all kinds of media with stitching, she has created unique works of art.
A big part of her creative process is sharing what she has learned.  She have taught all over the country and have been published in several local and national magazine's. She  works at her art everyday using her favorite motto "What if and Why not ".

Collaborating with Kecia, after a few sips, they created Snip, Sip and sew; a  unique opportunity for you to learn from two seasoned teachers with two distinctive yet complimentary styles;who enjoy sharing, traveling, and meeting new friends.

SS&S coming to Tennessee, May 13-15!

There is also a second date for Snip, Sip and Sew that will be held May 13, 14 and 15 in Nashville, Tennessee at the famed Studio Be, hosted by Cindy Wunsch. We will be creating a OOAK purse as well. details coming soon.

Embellisment class, Friday evening May 13 & May 20 2016

hello everyone! so part of the  Snip, Sip and Sew weekend, will consist of an embellishment class! We will be demonstrating and then making our own fringe, tassels and yo-yo's. The perfect accent pieces to the OOAK purses will be creating.